School Exercise Books

Single and small pack sizes of Rhino brand exercise books and notebooks. The Rhino brand is the first choice for teachers in thousands of UK schools. We have the largest stock holding in the UK with the best selection of size, page count, ruling and cover colours options. Each book is manufactured to a very high standard using sustainable resources conforming to UK and EU environmental standards, whilst offering exceptional durability and value for money. 

How to choose the correct book
Our exercise books are available in a huge choice of sizes, page counts, rulings and cover colours. If you're trying to match a book to one you have already, start by measuring the book starting with the spine followed by the width (our A4 range measures 11¾” x 8¼”).

Find the page count by counting the number of sheets of paper from the start of the book to the centre staples and multiply the count by 4 (12 sheets equates to a 48 page book, 15 sheets is a 60 page book and so on).

You can find the ruling by measuring the gap between the ruled lines. All lined rulings also have the option of a margin on the right hand side of the page with a single vertical red line.

Finally, choose a cover colour from those available. 


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